Educational Musicals would like to thank you for all the excellent feedback we have received. We’re delighted that parents, teachers and of course the children who perform our historical musicals enjoy them as much as much as we do writing them for you.

Here’s what you tell us!

Albrighton Musical Theatre Youth byMandy Ricketts,

I purchased Titanic, The Ship of Dreams about 6 years ago from their stand at an Education Show. The script was first used with a group of adults with learning difficulties at an FE college. They loved the music, able to learn most of the words with ease and found it really easy to sing along to the disc. We also based some of our curriculum studies on the Titanic and produced a substantial project together with the art pack, being full of ideas with easy to follow instructions. I adapted some of the script to meet the learners needs and felt comfortable doing this without causing any infringement of rules etc. The performance was a huge success and the group had great fun performing it. My second voyage with The Ship of Dreams was with a youth amateur theatre group. Once again they found the script and music uncomplicated and at their level. This demonstrates how well the scripts supplied by Educational Musicals, meet various ability levels and is ideal to show differentiation. We performed 2 shows to a full house and shed a few tears during the final song – the scripts tick all the emotional boxes. I shall definitely be purchasing more scripts in the future – a great resources for teachers, amateur theatre groups church groups etc. A great way to tell a historic story.
Mandy Ricketts

Excellent Product byMargaret Koger,

I first found out about Educational Musicals almost four years ago when I was looking for a performance that would go with a unit of study on inventors and inventions. A Google search led me to their site, and I was thrilled to find The Victorian Historian. This wonderful musical was just what I was looking for!

I teach academically gifted students on an Army base in the United States. My students range in age from six to ten years old and come from many varied backgrounds. We have fallen in love with every show that we have performed from this company. I have ordered six shows in all and am currently in the midst of rehearsing Athens – The Birth of Democracy.

I cannot say enough about these musicals. They are both educational and entertaining. The music is so catchy, yet simple enough for even the least musically talented ones in the cast. And, the scripts are both historically accurate and humorous at the same time – perfect for an elementary school cast and audience.

Anita and Tony Dalton have been very accommodating each time I have emailed them with any questions regarding their shows. A couple of years ago, they were kind enough to help me out in a pinch by sending PDF and music files via email when I had to change shows at the last minute.

I look forward to adding to my library of shows from Educational Musicals. I would recommend this company and their product to any  group interested in performing high quality shows at a very affordable price.
Margaret Koger

Musicals from – Educational Musicals
by Clive Grant,
I came across these musicals purely by chance at the Education Show, many years later I’ve performed 4 full blown musicals with children from Years 3,4 & 5.

The music has almost always grabbed the interest of the children, the accompanying backing tracks are generally very good quality. In fact for one piece of music we emailed the company to say we were having problems with one part, by return email came an extra few seconds of music to assist!

This is where Educational Musicals are very good. They have always allowed us to add bits, take bits away – which has allowed us to involve some gifted and talented writers. Where some sections of speech are over rather quick we’ve been able to add our own bits without fear of breaking any rules. The shows are historically accurate so occasionally a little humour, for example, can lack. Our children, who are not born performers have picked up their lines very well.

With each musical we received a fairly weighty art pack, which had some excellent ideas for props etc. using everyday milk cartons and such – Blue Peter heaven! This proved a useful starting point and our props actually turned out very well! It also saved time searching the internet.

The musicals are historical based, with some diverse topics. We have always been able to intergrate with our curriculum and teach around the show, providing a greater context for the pupils.

The Three Musketeers was everyone’s favourite. Catchy music and a chance to wear some groovy wigs! We also performed The Dream Catcher, The Perfect Pirates and The Warrior Queen, all good in their own right each offering different qualities.

Excellent value for money.
Clive Grant

‘On Wednesday 28th of April we put on our musical, titled ‘Athens- “The birth of Democracy’. It was a very successful show. The audience was thrilled, and most importantly the children who participated were very happy.
Olga Kafasla, Athens, Greece

‘Henry VIII’ is a work of genius. It’s so hard to find really, really good resources for drama.
Esme Bates. LAMDA teacher.

We have now done all the Greek plays you have and they have all been amazing, so thanks!
Hill House St Mary’s School – Doncaster, UK

We did ‘Dream Catchers’ last year and thought it was fantastic. We used the backing tape and were thrilled with it.
Heathfield Junior School UK

…I saw a production of ‘The Boy King’ performed entirely by boys. It was really fantastic. They had made the costumes and scenery as per the Art Pack and it was colourful, amusing and the children obviously loved acting it out. The song ‘Trust me I’m an Advisor’ literally brought the house down. Well done.
Parent, Warwick School, UK

…Our school performed ‘Ship of Dreams’. The reaction of both parents and teachers was overwhelming. All loved the music and many were moved to tears at the end. The children loved the show. We did it with two casts so that all our 84 Year 6 children could be involved. We costumed it in colours like in My Fair Lady, so 1st class were in black, white and yellow, 2nd class in black, white and red and others in any blue, greens and browns. Please pass on our congratulations to the authors.
Vale Junior School, Guernsey

My favourite song was burn. I liked Burn because it was cool. I was a Celt I thought the weapons were cool
Pupil, Wood End School, Herts, UK

‘Monster of the Maze’ certainly fulfils all the requirements for a school performance and is based on a story, which will give it kudos for both the audience and the teacher. Within the Primary level it will allow for a large amount of spin-off material and research.
Brian Hick, Musical Opinion

Thank you for writing the play I really enjoyed singing the songs and the audience loved the play and laughed a lot. When the Warrior Queen died it was sad and I thought that the play was a brilliant play!
Pupil, Wood End School, Herts, UK

The songs were brilliant and it was fun.
Pupil, Wood End School, UK

Thank you so much from all of us, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Form Teacher, Wood End School, UK

Thank you for writing this play I really enjoyed singing the songs.
Pupil, Wood End School, Herts, UK

I can’t tell you what a success ‘The Victorian Historian’ has been. The children picked up the songs easily because they really liked them. Our leads learnt their lines in days and each show was a real success.
KS2 Co-ordinator, Nunnery Wood Primary School, UK

…I think I would use another of your plays because it’s a much easier way to learn about famous people than having hard lessons.
Pupil, Nunnery Wood Primary School, UK

…In conclusion, the play has been a huge success. We hope to have another one of your outstanding plays.
Pupils, Nunnery Wood Primary School, UK

My favourite song is “Engineering” and the quality of your play is so good I would like to know another of your productions. Our play has been a success. I do not like the bit where I have to kiss Queenie though.
Pupil, Nunnery Wood Primary School, UK

Many thanks for making my life so much easier and the children’s learning so much more fun!
Kate Dowell, Ysgol Gellifor, Ruthin, UK

I was quite serious about ‘The Boy King’, it was FANTASTIC. My lead, King Tutankhamun was a 9 year old gifted student who with his queen, brought the house down. He also used his acting experience in ‘The Boy King’ as a basis for a speech he gave at the South Westland Tournament. He won first place with high praise for his speech. So, double benefits from the play. I can send a couple of nice photos of the play, which you are welcome to use for publicity.
Sherry Woodside, Whataroa School, New Zealand

The children keep singing the songs to Henry VIII whenever they find an excuse.
Ashby Fields Primary School, Daventry. UK

We did ‘Perfect Pirates’ because I wanted a non-curriculum show, and it was wonderful. I’d like ‘The Dream Catcher’ now.
Ken Ellis, Streatham C. P. School, UK

The ‘Dream Catcher’ is fantastic. Even the boys are loving it. Thank you so much.
Court de Wyck Primary School, Bristol, UK

Thanks for a great musical! ‘The Victorian Historian’
Crane Junior School, Middx.Year 6 Teacher, UK

Thank you for your speedy work. Can’t wait to read the new show ‘The Trojan Horse’. We loved ‘Perfect Pirates’.
Sandra Matchette, USA.

I am looking for another of your wonderful assembly packs. ‘The Boy King’ was brilliant last year.
Year 3 & 4 teacher, Longtown Primary School, UK

I love your songs – works of genius! They are fab.
Esme Bates. LAMDA teacher.

Many thanks for your good wishes for our ‘Trojan Horse’ performance at the end of last term. All went off brilliantly – the children and audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We are all looking forward to another extravaganza next summer! Thank you to all your team for providing such an excellent resource.
Shirley Vickery-Mills St. Josephs School Burnham-on -Sea, UK

I purchased your musical ‘1066’ and excellent it is! I have performed three of your musicals –’Trojan Horse’, ‘Battle of Britain’ and ‘Trafalgar – Nelson’s Finest Hour’.
KS2 Co-ordinator, Nunnery Wood Primary School, UK

They have all been great successes and it is a wonderful way to learn history. We have used the scenery and props suggestions. We have made the Trojan Horse, a Spitfire and HMS Victory as suggested.
Ray Parkins – Ipplepen Primary School.

‘Henry & Anne Boleyn’ Assembly – The dialogue and songs are humorous, which all helps children’s learning to become both funny and enjoyable. There is a song about Henry divorcing his wife called D.I.V.O.R.C.E. which is very catchy and reminded me of Tammy Wynette’s song of the same name. I was surprised how even the most introverted child lost all inhibitions to perform this song and began to direct the other students to use appropriate body language and expression. There are suggestions for costumes and stage directions are clear…They are a valuable resource that can be used flexibly by teachers and even more so by creative teachers. ”
A teacher reviewing for Primary Choice magazine.

Many thanks for your good wishes for our “Trojan Horse” performance. All went brilliantly – the children and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We are looking forward to another extravagance next summer! Thank you to all your team for providing such an excellence resource.
Sherry Woodside, St Josephs School, Burnham-on-Sea, UK

“Our Sixth graders just finished a performance of “Christopher Columbus: The World is Round”. They did a great job with a very fun and quite clever script! Thanks for making musicals available specifically for kids! They had a great time and it was a wonderful performance!
Shauna DeBuck, PTA President
Central Elementary School
Pleasant Grove, Utah USA

‘The Battle of Britain’ was fantastic.
Liz Ward, St Edwards PS Manchester UK

If you’ve performed any of our shows let us know what you think, how it went and what your favourite song was by dropping us an email. Thank you!

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