This is about Christopher Columbus, an Italian, who was convinced that the world was round, which was against the thinking of the times.

However, his problem was that he could not get the people who mattered to agree with him. He got nowhere with Italy, so he moved to Portugal, it appeared neither did King John II of Portugal didn’t like the idea.

After King John refused his request, he was just left with the Spanish monarchy. So, he went to Spain and appealed to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.  Now they were very intent on growing their Empire. Therefore, they agreed to fund him, with just one condition, which was that Columbus agreed to claim any new lands he came across for the Spanish Empire.

For his long trip he needed several ships capable of withstanding the journey. This was because he was convinced that by sailing west, he would eventually reach Asia. He thought that Japan lay just 3,500 miles to the west, however, what he didn’t know was that the American continent lay in the way. Basically, he discovered North America by mistake, it was not in his plan.

Therefore, an Italian claimed the New World for Spain, by mistake!

We felt that we had to create a musical based around this important historical story. It is called Christopher Columbus – The World is Round which you can download today by clicking on

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