Cheesy songs, good triumphing over evil and a good laugh this is Pantomime.

Every Christmas the peculiarly British tradition of Pantomime is performed to thousands of screaming children and hundreds of laughing parents, at theatres, halls and even barns across the land because, basically, we all love “Pantomime

We guffaw at the panto dame, a man badly dressed up as a woman, who tells terrible jokes. We enjoy the hero, a pretty girl dressed as a boy, who regularly slaps her/his thigh. We chuckle at his innocent friend and swoon over the beautiful girl with whom our hero falls in love. We always take part by shouting “Oh no it isn’t” and “oh yes it is” and not forgetting “It’s behind you”.

Now those good folks at Educational Musicals would like to make this tradition even easier so that it can be performed by more of our schools, drama groups and even youth clubs.

They have published four “Potty Pantos” that are potted because they are only between 30 to 40 minutes long, and are “potty” as they have taken the traditional panto stories and given them a “potty” switch.

With the result that you have Aladdin’s Lump, a lump of old metal: Jack and His Big Stork, a big bird: Goldilocks and the Three Scares, monsters who like living in a mess: and Daring Dick, who is a rich not poor boy.

The writer, Anthony James, says: “I have written these Potty Pantos so that any group can produce a short, simple and fun pantomime, the jokes are corny and the songs great fun. They really are great little stand alone shows achievable by anyone. We have even included a simple art pack so that even the smallest group can make the scenery, costumes and props from recycled materials resulting in a scenic spectacle for everyone to watch.”

So to learn more and listen to two of the songs fom each show go to

‘Oh no we don’t…OH YES YOU DO

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