Daniel Dalton

Daniel Dalton Has a Masters on Politics and International Relations from Warwick University, along with a Certificate in Journalism and spent several years as a professional cricketer.

Daniel’s love of sport and cricket has given him

the opportunity to see the world having played cricket in such exotic places as South Africa, the West Indies and the Far East. He got the wanderlust and has now visited several South America countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

His interest in the concept of Educational Musicals was awakened by his work as a qualified E C B cricket coach in primary schools and inner city areas and led him to write his first musical, “Gettysburg”.

Daniel has a love of writing having written many articles for publication and is currently working on a book with Anthony James based around Anthony’s Creaturama concept.

He has been involved with theatre since a young age having appeared in many productions, his favourites being “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe” and “Antigone”.

Email: ddalton@hotmail.com