October 16th 1492 Christopher Columbus’ fleet anchored at “Fernandina”

He thought he had reached America! No, he hadn’t he had reached Long Island in the Bahamas.

However, he goes down in history as having found America, which of course he didn’t, well not this time.  He crossed the Atlantic another three times starting the Spanish exploration and colonisation of the Americas.

An Italian, born in Genoa, who married a Portuguese noblewoman, Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, therefore moved to Lisbon.  He was an intrepid explorer who was self educated but that didn’t stop him from coming up with a plan to seek a western sea passage to the East Indies.  He wanted to profit from the money spinning spice trade.  The Portuguese wouldn’t fund him, but Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II of Spain would on one condition, that every country he found became Spanish territory.

Our show Christopher Columbus- The World is Round  written for 7 to 14 year old children, is found at https://bit.ly/35AnuoV.  It tells about Christina and Pablo, so desperate to see the world, that they volunteer for the next ship to leave town. Unfortunately, they find themselves on a ship captained by a madman called Christopher Columbus, who claims that the world is round and if they sail far enough West, then they will eventually arrive in the East. Will they make it to the East or will they, as they both fear, fall off the edge of the world?

“Our Sixth graders just finished a performance of “Christopher Columbus: The World is Round?”. They did a great job with a very fun and quite clever script! Thanks for making musicals available specifically for kids! They had a great time and it was a wonderful performance! 

Shauna DeBuck, PTA President,  Central Elementary School, Pleasant Grove, Utah USA