Do you know who the Gun Powder Plot conspirators were?

There were five main conspirators.

Guy Fawkes was born in York in 1570. He was born a Protestant, converted to Catholicism and enlisted in the Spanish army. He took the Spanish name “Guido” and served in the Spanish army. This gave him plenty of experience in handling gunpowder. He had also been away from England for some time and had the advantage of not being known inLondon.

Robert Catesby was the chief conspirator, born in 1573. His father, however, was one of the leaders of the Catholic cause, he was wealthy and well known within Catholic circles. His parents died in 1598 and it is widely believed that this drove him towards his fanatical views.

Thomas Winter was a cousin of Robert Catesby. He was sent by Catesby to speak to Constance of Castille in the Spanish Netherlands, to ask the Spanish to put pressure on King James to stop persecuting the Catholics inEngland. He returned with Guy Fawkes.

Thomas Percy was an accomplished swordsman who converted to Catholicism. He was angered by King James’ continued harsh treatment of Catholics and felt this as a personal betrayal by the king.

John Wright whose family were staunch Catholics and his mother had died in prison as a result of her religious beliefs. He was a distant cousin of Robert Catesby and went to school with Guy Fawkes in York. Along with Thomas Winter he introduced Guy to the plot.

There were many other conspirators involved in the plot who played minor roles. They included Francis Tresham, Ambrose Rockwood and Sir Everard Digby. They were rich men who joined the plot and provided financial backing. The other principal conspirators in the plot were John Winter, Christopher Wright, John Grant, Thomas Bates and Robert Keyes.

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