Do you know why the RMS Titanic wasn’t full for her maiden voyage?

Titanic-Web-300x259The RMS Titanic was one of the largest moving objects ever built by man. She was 269 metres long by 28.2 metres wide, this is the length of 4 Boeing 747s placed end to end?

She was the second of three sister ships. The first was The RMS Olympic (also captained by Captain Smith of the Titanic for a time) and the third was The RMS Britannic, sunk in theAdriatic Sea during the First World War.

When she left on her maiden voyage she was only carrying 2,235 passengers and crew on board. This was because a coal strike had made travelling difficult, and which meant that many people had put off travelling until the strike was over. The Titanic could have been carrying 3,300 passengers and crew.

Those that missed the voyage were even luckier as the RMS Titanic had only twenty lifeboats. Fourteen were of standard design, capable of carrying 65 people each. Two were emergency cutters that could carry 40 people each, and four were collapsible lifeboats able to carry 47 people each. With every lifeboat used to full capacity this meant that they could only carry 1,178 people, 1057 people were destined to die, and this is the frightening bit, it was more lifeboats than were required, at the time, by law.

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