Probably not, but it was one of the most important battles in English history, it took place on July 29th 1558, and led to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

You see, the Spanish King had sent an armada of ships up the English Channel to Dunkirk, where they were supposed to pick up an army of 30,000 soldiers, that had been assembled by the Duke of Palma, and ferry them across the Channel.

It was that simple, what possibly could go wrong?

Well, to start with when they got there, the Duke of Palma wasn’t there!  This meant that the massive Spanish fleet had to anchor outside Calais and, just wait.  This gave the English their opportunity to attack this colossal fleet, which they did on July 29th

This was the Battle of Gravelines.

It couldn’t have been worse for the Spanish, the weather was bad, their ships were too close together, so they couldn’t manoeuvre quickly, while the smaller, lighter, more manoeuvrable, English ships were finding it easy to pick them off. 

However, it wasn’t just our victory as the weather intervened, suddenly, it changed direction, which allow the Spanish to limp away into the North Sea. Now, for them the only way they could escape was to take the long route back to Spain, this meant going up the north Sea, around the top of Scotland and then down through the Irish Sea. Unfortunately, here they met an even greater storm, with the result that most of the Armada was shipwrecked on the Irish coast!

England was saved, but the real question is, was it saved by Sir Francis Drake or the weather?

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