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History is fun, history is interesting, history is fascinating, it can even be said history is weird, which is why we write these blogs. We want everyone to enjoy history as much as we do, to show that history is not boring.  There are so many captivating stories from history that we never hear of, which is we are putting them on our blog page.

The Story of Sutton Hoo

One that links Mrs Edith Pretty, a Suffolk landowner, to an Anglo Saxon warrior King, thought to be Raedwald, a powerful Anglo Saxon King. It

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Was Aladdin real?

The first modern day Aladdin Pantomime was created by Henry J.Byron.  It didn’t, as claimed, come from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights

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How did we get Pantomimes?

How did we get Pantomimes?  They evolved from Commedia dell’Arte became “Harlequinades” that went on to be the roots of the Pantomimes we see today. 

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