Daring Dick Whittington

By Anthony James  – Music by Tim Spencer, Katherine Brookes & Daniel Hewitt

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A Potty Panto

Dick Whittington comes from a rich background. Unfortunately, he is not going to inherit any of his families fortune, so he’s on his own. Luckily, he has a head for business and becomes a merchant selling fine cloth. He decides to head to London to make his fortune. He takes with him his best friend, Simon Lookout, the local village idiot and part time inventor, and Simon’s mother, the indomitable Sarah the Cook, who invites herself along for the adventure.

On the journey to London they find a stray cat and decide to take it with them. Just as they arrive the capital city is plunged into chaos by an invasion of plague carrying rats. Can Dick and his friends save the day? Will Dick Whittington make his fortune?

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The Script

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Music Score

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 MP3 tracks

performance backing

 MP3 tracks

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Art pack

Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials


Simon Lookout –                                Good hearted village idiot and amateur inventor.

Dick Whittington –                             Brave hero type, out to make his fortune.

Alice Fitzwarren. –                             Beautiful daughter of….

Sir Ivo Fitzwarren –                            Bumbling but very successful merchant.

Sarah the Cook  –                              Dame & good natured cook. Manhunter.

The Enchantress –                         A transmogrified Enchantress.

 The Cat –                                          A brave feline.

King Richard II –                                 King of England.

Queen Rat –                                         The evil, beautiful Queen of the Rats.

Rataonee –                                            Queen Rat’s useless henchperson.

Ratatowe                                            Queen Rat’s useless henchperson.

Emma Swigglebot -                          Sarcastic villager.
Villagers, Traders, Rats & Londoners.

Daring Dick Whittington Music Samples

DICK – Killer Queen

Daring Dick


Click Here for Sample Script


Made up of: Main Show Script with Historical Fact Sheets and Artpack – CD with Performance and Backing racks – Libretto Music Score – Lyric ‘n’ Lines CD with script and song words to save copying the scripts or for use with a Whiteboard – 12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License – Free Delivery within the UK –

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