TEN MINUTE (or less) NATIVITY Just You Wait and See! by Alison Hedger - Download


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Ideal for Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 1

A whiz through the Biblical Christmas Story with two songs

for concert performance or as a mini traditional Nativity

Duration: a 10 minutes

Ideally the choir of Stars sits in an arc (tiered rows would be preferable) facing out toward the audience. A clear floor area is left in front of the singers, where the characters enter and build up the Nativity tableau. A stage block for the Angel Gabriel, and a prominent gold Bethlehem Star cut-out may be helpful.

There are lots of walk-on mini parts with stars who form the choir ? narrators ? (allocate/alter spoken words as appropriate to your performance) ? ancient biblical prophets (several) ?god?s messenger the Angel Gabriel ? cousin Elizabeth ? Zachariah (Elizabeth’s husband) ? Joseph & Mary shepherds ? angels ? wise men and even the evil Herod.

To this is you want to you can add recorder players and possibly percussion.

Listen to 20 seconds from two of the songs

God’s Angel Came to Zachariah

It’s Christmas Again


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