OO-LA-LA! French learning musical

Alison Hedger and Sheila Wainwright

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OO-LA-LA! new musical from Alison Hedger and Sheila Wainwright based around the French language and is fast becoming a favourite KS2 Resource with songs in both English and French.

OO-LA-LA! is set in a French cafe and the next door baker’s shop, allowing your children to get a feel for France while using colloquial French.

A posh English Lady, inappropriately dressed for the small French country town, has arranged to meet her American cousin, George, and his children there. But she doesn’t speak French very well, and needs help from the locals, this is where the fun starts.

Café life is an integral part of French culture that has been depicted by many famous artists over the years, particularly those of the Impressionist Movement. This allows OO-LA-LA! to be used as a cross curricular historical and social class work. The cafe walls can have your children’s own artistic works hanging up as if for sale; possibly with copies of famous masterpieces.

With the fun and bouncy songs it is possible to create a real French cafe atmosphere, while at the same time helping your children to become at home with the French language.

The big question – how many French impressionist painters could your children name?

To hear two songs click here

Cafe Au Liat

The Cake Song


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