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Saint Nicholas is a retelling of the legend that gave us Santa Claus. A young priest who tries to stop three young girls being sold into a life of slavery. He throws three bags of gold into their father?s house. The gold will mean that the girls can marry the boys they love and avoid the evil slaver Demus, who wants to sell them into a life of poverty and slavery.

Saint Nicholas is a performance piece taken from the parent musical of same name, which is one of a large range of full scale educational musicals developed to complement the UK, KS 2 National Curriculum, covering historical and science based subjects.

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Made up of: Main Show Script with Historical Fact Sheets and Artpack ? CD with Performance and Backing racks ? Libretto Music Score ? Lyric ?n? Lines CD with script and song words to save copying the scripts or for use with a Whiteboard ? 12 month Performance and Video License ? Photocopying License ? Free Delivery within the UK



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