The Perfect Pirates

Author: Anthony James – Music: Katherine Brookes

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The Story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Anne Bonny is bored! One day a notorious pirate, Calico Jack, enters her life. She follows him to a life of piracy on the high seas, where she learns the amazing truth about Jack’s Lieutenant, the disguised Mary Read, and together they vow to be the most famous female pirates ever. A fictional story accurately based on the historical facts known about those two female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Complete 50 minute show supplied ready to perform by 15 to 100 children. Script (including stage directions) with Historical Fact Sheets and Artpack, CD with Performance and Backing tracks, Libretto Music Score, Lyric ‘n’ Lines CD with script and song words to save copying the scripts or for use with a Whiteboard – 12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License – Free Delivery within the UK.

We did “Perfect Pirates” because I wanted a non-curriculum show,
and it was wonderful. I also like “The Dream Catcher”.
Ken Ellis, Streatham C. P. School

You get

The Script

With stage suggestions

Music Score

Full libretto score

 MP3 tracks

performance backing

 MP3 tracks

backing so your children learn the tunes

Art pack

Make the props, scenery and costumes from recycled materials


Total Characters. Main parts – 8 Calico Jack’s crew, 9 Governor’s employees,  4 Captain Barnet’s crew, tavern staff, general pirates.

 Numbers are flexible.

Anne Bonny –                                   A young female pirate.

Mary Read –                                      A young female pirate.

John ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham –    A notorious rogue and pirate.

Governor Woodes Rogers –         The Governor of New Providence.

Captain Barnet –                              An ex pirate employed by Governor Rogers.

James Bonny –                                   Anne Bonny’s unpleasant husband.

Angus –                                                  Scottish member of Calico Jack’s crew.

Mr. Rack –                                              Member of Calico Jack’s pirate crew.

Other characters.

Calico Jack’s Crew –                         A burly bunch of pirates.

Captain Barnet’s Crew –                 Mercenaries and ex privateers.

Governor Rogers Employees –    Governors personal staff and jailers.

Tavern Staff –                                      Friendly New Providence residents.

The Perfect Pirates Music Samples

Calico Jack

Heave to

The Perfect Pirates Script Sample

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