Your children may not be able to do a stage performance yet, so why don’t they read a play in class?

They can have fun learning their history through drama and music, while improving their literacy.

We have taken six of our musicals and created teaching resources to help your class feel the reality of history. Each resource is made up of four sections:

Historical Fact Sheets:

 Giving you the facts behind the musical.

As these plays are fictional stories based around the facts of this historical event, we have put together sheets giving the facts of the period.


The Play:

The script includes stage directions.

The words of the songs are included, allowing them to be read as poetry.  It is important you do this as they take the story along.

A Resource Pack:

Giving exercises related to the period of the play.

We have written these resource worksheets to complement the learning experience that children get from each Read a Play in Class, while at the same time providing a set of worksheets that can be used independently of the shows.



The Creaturama Art Pack:

Think of the fun your children could have in class making scenery, costumes or even props from the time in history.



“Make History Fun!”

To download for just £10!