Social distancing will be with us for some time, which means that the benefits your children get from performing in front of an audience have gone, at least, for the near future.

We believe we can help you, by giving your children a fun learning experience that will help their learning, their literacy and make history fun.

Children love to play, even dressing up, as all children are naturally creative, so now that they are back in class, give them a chance to act in class.  Obviously, they can’t do it in front of an audience of parents, but think of the fun, enjoyment and learning experience they will get if they read a play or even act it out in class and then make things for it in the class from recycled materials.

Just think of the benefits your pupils will get:

  • Learning their history by default.
  • Improving their literacy, as they read the script.
  • Learn that History can actually be fun, as they make things from that period of history.

Think of the fun the children could have, then, how about videoing them?

To help you we provide facts sheet, giving the real facts behind the story along with resource sheets, suppling you with a complete teaching resource. Finally, as children all love making things, we have included a Creaturama Art Pack showing how to make scenery, props and costumes out of recycled materials,  giving you a first class resource that can you can downloaded for only £10!

Initially we have launched six, which will eventually grow until we have nearly 30.

Add “Read a Play in Class” to your teacher resource kit now.

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