One important thing about this battle, in fact it is extraordinary, is that even though the battle was fought in and around the town of Gettysburg only one citizen was killed, Jennie Wade.

However, she didn’t become famous just because she was the only citizen of the town to be killed in the battle, but she had also spent the first two days of the battle baking bread for the Unionist soldiers.

It was, nearly 160 years ago, on November 19, 1863 that President Lincoln came to the site of the battle and there he delivered the Gettysburg Address. This single event was to change the course of the American Civil War, and even more importantly his words changed the United States of America as it transformed the war from one for Union to a one for freedom.

It is for these two reasons that our musical Gettysburg – Brothers at War shows what happened to Jennie Wade and finishes with the Gettysburg Address which is the opening words to the final song “Freedom”.

Gettysburg – Brothers at War is a story of two brothers who split their family to fight on different sides then meet up at Gettysburg. This commanding musical gives you a powerful and enjoyable show that your children will remember, and their parents will enjoy watching.

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