The Birth of Educational Musicals

In 1997 Anita was directing a pantomime, Dick Whittington, Tim Spencer had written the music, and one evening over a drink Tim suggested to Tony that he could write it as a nativity play.

Tim’s reason was to make it more enjoyable for the parents who he felt would get bored if they kept seeing the same nativity play, he suggested, for example, that the Three Wise Men could come in to a calypso number!

The next day Tony was chatting to one of the parents who explained that he was a primary school head and having problems finding a nativity play for Christmas. Tony, being the salesman he is, told Tim to write The Star Child and sold it to the head, in fact that year he sold 35 that year.

At the same time Anthony James, who was working in schools showing children how to make models of things such as Viking Longboats, wrote a show called The Monster of the Maze. He felt that if children performed in a show with music they could relate to, they would remember that story for the rest of their lives. They would learn their history by default.

Anthony asked Tim to write the music for his show and then asked if he knew anyone who could sell it. You guessed it, Tim introduced him to Tony and Educational Musicals was born.

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