Anne Boleyn is a busy ghost. They claim that her ghost haunts several English castles.

The most prolific sightings are at Hever Castle, which was her childhood home.  Normally she appears on Christmas Eve.  It is said by the people who have seen her that:

  • Anne Boleyn arrives in a horse-drawn carriage up the long pathway leading to the castle, but the horses are headless!
  • There is more, they say that when she alights from her carriage in front of the castle steps, she is carrying her head in her hands!
  • She just wanders around Hever Castle, through the gardens, the corridors, etc. until morning, when she mysteriously disappears.

The result is that there are a lot of visitors at Hever Castle on Christmas Eve, all hoping that they catch a glimpse of the headless Queen!

However, Anne’s ghost hasn’t only been seen at Hever Castle. She’s also been seen:

  • Walking over a bridge leading to the Tower of London, she still holding her head.
  • As well as being spotted inside the Tower, wandering the corridors, and in the chapel where she is buried.

That she haunts the Tower of London isn’t surprising as it is considered our most haunted building!

But that’s not the only place:

  • She is also said to haunt Windsor Castle – where she has been spotted running through corridors screaming, only this time her head is in the right place!


Isn’t History fun!