Let’s make history fun, this plan was fool proof, unfortunately it wasn’t!

The conspirators wanted to bring the Catholic religion back to England.  Their plan was to blow up the House of Lords, when the king, the Lords and the Commons were all in the chamber, starting a revolution that would bring the Catholic religion back to England.

They learnt that a cellar directly under the House of Lords was for rent, and that the tenant was moving out. One of the conspirators, Thomas Percy, rented it. They filled it with gunpowder and waited for the state opening of Parliament as everyone would be there. And then, bang!!!

However, it all went wrong, personal feelings got in the way, it wasn’t foolproof!

Someone warned a friend not to go and it blew the plot!

We have a musical telling this story The Gunpowder Plot -Remember, Remember the 5th of November but, due to social distancing you can’t perform it, however, you can read it in class. For that reason and to make history lessons fun we have put together a teaching resource, Read a Play in Class, which has:

  • The show, including all the songs that can be read as poems
  • Fact sheets telling the truth about the story
  • Resource pack, with simple lesson plans
  • Creaturama Art Pack, using recycled material in class your children that they can create models of the main events.

Go to https://bit.ly/35cBLrL and download it for just £10!

Let’s make History Fun.