Nellie Bly’s record.

“Nellie Bly” was a New York World journalist, who went round the world in 72 days to see if the fictional Around the World in Eighty Days was possible.

Starting on November 14, 1889, she joined the steamer Augusta Victoria,she only took:

  • a single dress!
  • underwear
  • a heavy coat
  • a small bag, for her bits
  • £200 and some gold coins, hidden in a bag tied round her neck

To compete, The Cosmopolitan, sent a reporter, Elizabeth Bisland, around the other way!

The New York World, ran a “Nellie Bly Guessing Match”.

Through Europe, across Asia, while sending back regular updates, then crossing the Pacific, she reached New York at 3:51 pm on January 25, 1890, having taken 72 days, doing the whole trip alone! In the meantime, Bisland was still on a ship crossing the Atlantic, arriving four days later.

Isn’t History Fun!