The Titanic was at the forefront of maritime technology, it really was the “Ship of Dreams”. She was:

  • the first ship to have bulkheads running along her length with watertight doors, which could be operated electrically from her bridge.
  • one of the first to have Marconi wireless sets, a totally new technology.
  • the biggest moving object ever built at that time she was 269 metres (882.5 ft) long and 28.2 metres (92ft 5ins) wide. The length of four Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets!

This huge ship was luxurious:

  • First Class passengers had the most splendidly decorated rooms and facilities surpassing most first-class hotels at the time.
  • Second Class was more sumptuous than second class hotels on land.
  • Third Class was obviously more basic but was a huge improvement on third class travel accommodation on other ships, for example, regular and healthy meals were provided, while the décor was attractive, yet simple, in the large communal spaces.

Then on April 10th, 1912, as it set out for New York, there were problems.  

  • A coal fire had begun in one of her coal bunkers! The crew weren’t worried, as this was not unusual on large steamers, though, of course, in the end it added to the problems.
  • Then, as she left Southampton Dock she nearly collided with The New York!

Was the journey doomed?

Well, after that everything appeared to be going well.  She made two brief stops, one at Cherbourg, then to Queenstown, in southern Ireland, before setting off across the Atlantic Ocean.

The biggest and safest ship ever, what could go wrong?

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