Term starts, your children need to have fun while learning history.

They used to do this by performing our historical musicals.

At the same time, they would:

  • By default, learn their history
  • Enjoy the songs
  • Learn teamwork, without realising it
  • Improve their literacy
  • Learn to make the scenery, costumes and props from recycled materials

They still can with our new product “Read a Play in Class” at https://bit.ly/3lVe3pz you get:

  • Historical Fact Sheets:
    • As they are Factional, fictional stories based around the facts, we supply sheets giving the facts.
  • The Play:
    • The song lyrics are included, which can be read as poetry, they take the story along. 
  • A Resource Pack
    • A set of worksheets are included that can be used independently of the shows.
  • The Creaturama Art Pack:
    • Think of the fun your children could have in class making scenery, costumes or even props from the time in history.