The armada was the brainchild of Spain’s King Philip II.

The English navy had become pirates, they were stopping and taking the wealth Spanish galleons were bringing back from Spain’s colonies in the new world.  At the same time there was the religious rivalry between Catholic Spain and Protestant England, which meant that the Pope funded King Philip’s plans to help the English Catholics. To add to all that, the English were supporting those fighting the King’s army in the Low Countries!

Therefore, from Philip’s point of view, it was a no brainer, he had to invade England, it would solve all his problems in one stroke.

He planned to send an armada up the English Channel to Dunkirk, where the Duke of Palma, the Governor of the Spanish Netherlands, would assemble an army of 30,000 soldiers. The ships would ferry the troops across the Channel and, once in England, march on London and capture the capital, forcing Queen Elizabeth to surrender. It would be a piece of cake!

He spent two years building his fleet, not only galleons and warships, but troop and cargo ships. He amassed over 130 ships!

As Spain was the richest and most powerful nation on earth at that time, Philip knew it would be easy.

But he was wrong!

Our show The Spanish Armada – The Invasion of England tells the story of what happened through both dialogue, with no speech being more than five lines, and twelve original songs that you children will walk around the school singing.  

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