Why does history keep repeating itself?

In 1812 the Emperor Napoleon, at the head of a massive French army, invaded Russia however, he was unprepared for an extended winter campaign, which eventually led to his fall and that of his French Empire. A big mistake.

Then, believe it or not, 120 odd years later Adolf Hitler did the same thing! He invaded Russia, and, exactly as before, he was unprepared for an extended winter campaign.  It had exactly the same result, it led to his downfall and that of the German Reich.

Why do these great people keep making the same mistake again and again?

There are so many similar examples of history repeating itself. If only we understood the mistakes of history, we wouldn’t keep making them.  We hope!

To help children, we want to make history fun,  which is why we have published 30 musicals, all linked to the UK history curriculum, in the hope that  they will learn from these events and feel that history is fun.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, you can’t perform them. Therefore, we have created a new teaching resource “Read a Play in Class”.  Included in the package is:

      • An historical Musical.
      • Where the songs can be read as poetry.
      • With a series of fact sheets.
      • Along with specific class resources.
      • All related to that period in history.

The first two are already available, and we will keep adding more, so you students .

Therefore, “Read a Play in Class” is a new teacher resource put together in the hope that today’s children don’t make the mistakes of their predecessors.

Go and BUY NOW at https://educationalmusicals.co.uk/read-a-show/

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