Why “Read a Play in Class”?

To “Make History Fun”.

We have a song in our show The Victorian Historian – A Journey to Victorian Britain called History is Boring, we don’t think it is!

History gives us some of the best, exciting and most interesting stories every told, better than any Hollywood script writer has come up with.  For this reason, many films are based on historical events, unfortunately twisted to grab an audience, but they don’t need to be.

In our journey to “Make History Fun” we have created Faction, a fictional story about a factual event.  The difference between us and Hollywood screen writers is that we try to keep to the facts, as they are known today, they make great stories. Unfortunately for Hollywood, in real history Americans aren’t always saving the world!

We want everyone to read, hear and listen to the lesson’s history has given us. Regrettably, Covid-19 means today our musicals can’t be performed, but you can read the play in class, with the benefit that those children who will never get a part can become involved.

As we want your children to find History Fun, we include a fact sheet, giving you the true facts, along with some resources to make the lesson fun.  Finally, as children love building things, we have arranged with “Creaturama” to add their Art Pack related to the show, so that children can even create things in the class, then we hope your children will Make History Fun!

To view the shows available, go to https://educationalmusicals.co.uk/read-a-show/ where the portfolio of shows will keep growing.

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