Are your children going to miss out again this year?

“Oh, no they’re not” may be your cry. You should cry “Oh, yes they will do a Panto”.


We think they will have the greatest fun, while getting the most enjoyment, by being in their own pantomime.

So they can enjoy themselves, we have taken five of the most popular Pantomimes. We have made them shorter, so your children can perform them, and then given each one a twist that makes them “Potty Pantos”.

Potty Pantos

For example, in Snow White and the Magnificent Seven, Snow White stumbles on a run-down log cabin and some unusual cowboys who love beans!  There is even a song called Ye Haw Cowboy Beans!

The children can now perform one of our Potty Pantos in school. They will get the fun of Pantomime, which you could then video.  What a great memory for the parents, especially if they are still not allowed to attend, and even if they can. Everyone gains.

Currently we have five:

The afore mentioned Snow White & Magnificent Seven.

Goldilocks & The 3 Scares – Goldilocks gets lost. She finds the monster’s house and being very hungry tries some food. The food is horrible and the house a mess, so she decides to “tidy it up”, wow this does cause trouble and fun!

Daring Dick Whittington where on his journey to London, he finds a stray cat.  When he arrives in London, he discovers it is plunged into chaos by an invasion of plague carrying rats. Do Dick and his friends save the day? Will Dick Whittington make his fortune?

Aladdin’s Lump – An evil magician, Abanaza, persuades Aladdin to squeeze into a small, enchanted cave to retrieve a magic lamp.  Aladdin cannot find the lamp, all he finds is a lump of rusty, old metal. A furious Abanaza leaves Aladdin to die in the cave, so Aladdin strokes the lump and then …….

Jack & The Big Stork – Young Jack is a useless farmer who ruins the harvest. In a last resort his mother she sends him to town to sell their trusty, milk cow, Esmeralda. There Jack meets evil Witch Watt who dupes him into swapping Esmeralda for a strange, egg shaped, magic bean. But it is not a beanstalk, it’s something far more “Potty”!

To find out more, listen to two songs, read some script and then download  a Potty Panto go to,

To help you with your Panto 

Cover showing Painto charactersNow, if once you have down loaded the show you may want to add some more panto effects, so go to  There you can find a variety of sound effects to enhance the performance.  From evil underscores to Fairy Stings, from comedy playoffs to slapstick drum fill, crashes and bumps.

Maybe, you are planning to write your own Panto, then you will need some Pantomime songs. We have put together a unique Pantomime Song Book with 20 original songs, for a variety of characters:

  • FunCartoon picture of  a Panto queen
  • Baddy
  • Dame
  • Hero
  • Chorus
  • Even Finale Songs


Again, you can download this by clicking here …. 

Your children WILL have a Pantomime this year!